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WARNING! - avoid to deal with any of the following websites

The following websites (domains) are owned by a single person who registered all these domains by using the nickname "William Stanley" (or in some cases "Rob Russo") - this is just a reference for those people who knows how to use this piece of information.

A single person registered all these domains, but there are a bounch of thieves who pick up the money. The readers of my blog who aproached these websites were ripped off by the following India beneficiaries:

First Name: Amit
Last Name: Tiwari
Country: India

Another beneficiary:
First Name - Gyan
Last Name - Prakash
Country - India

Another beneficiary:
First Name - Rani
Last Name  - Tripathi
Country - India

- Why does this scammer created so many websites?
- Because as every scammer, they are not interested to create a brand-name (and promote a  single website), their goal is to make quick money than dissapear. As soon as they took the money from someone, they close the website and they open another one with a different name and so on... At the moment I counted more than 40 websites and you should think very well if you intend to use their "Services".

A first sign of a scam website we can see very well when a new created website has the same design of another well known website. The person who registered these more than 40 domains, made clone websites of well known genuine websites, in this way he scammed people in behalf of other well known websites. To make this trick perfect, he registered domains with almost identical name with the genuine one.
For example:
  • The scammer noticed that the genuine website has success, so he registered the name (did you see? It is missing the letter “s”) so in this way a person who is not really careful hired the scammer instead the genuine group. The same method was applied for and the scammer registered (he added the letter "s" for his new scam website).
  • I will show you another example with That was a genuine website, but this scammer registered (did you noticed ? It is “.net” instead “.com”. This method is used very often: instead the scammer registered (did you see ? The scamer noticed that MegaHackerZ has not purchased the .com domain so, he quickly registered this domain and now he claim to be the genuine megahackerz, while in reality he is just a thief).
Let`s begin the long list of scam websites (please read carefully the explantions):

1. WEBSITE - this website WAS the genuine hacking group a few years ago, but now it was acquired by a scammer.
Expiration Date: 2014-02-04
Creation Date: 2004-02-04
It was registered by nickname "Rob Russo" than the name was changed to “William Stanley” but now it is displayed “Domain ID Shield Service Co. LTD” - yes, it looks more professional but do not forget that belongs to a person who registered 40 websites !!!

However the name of registration can be changed anytime, this is not really important because he never use his real name.

2. SCAM WEBSITE. That was a genuine website , but now it is conducted by a scammer and you are not safe to contact them. It is registered by William Stanley (Rob Russo) – the man who registered 40 domains to ripp off people
Domain Creation Date: 2004-05-07

Below is a snapshot of the genuine HireHackers on Twitter, you can see that they closed their services due of this scammer who stolen their website name. It is a known fact that nobody pay too much attention on a website name, that`s why the scammer registered hire2hack, hiretohack, hirehackers or hirehackerz...  all these websites belongs to the same man as above.

3. WEBSITE , that was registered by a person using a nickname William Stanley (another nickname of this person is Rob Russo ).
Creation Date: 2006-03-14

4. - SCAM WEBSITE – registered by “William Stanley” (Rob Russo)
Creation Date: 2006-08-14

5. SCAM WEBSITE - registered by nickname William Stanley (Rob Russo)Creation Date: 2007-09-29

6. SCAM WEBSITE, it is registered by nickname William Stanley (Rob Russo)
Creation Date: 2008-11-25

7. WEBSITE registered by nickname William Stanley (Rob Russo) - it is easy to check this  on
Creation Date: 2009-10-13 14:10:01

8. WEBSITE (please notice the following websites, they have all the same name but different extension. All these websites are registered by the person using the nickname "William Stanley" ), with the server in VietNam
Creation Date: 2007-07-28

I want to show you something interesting , a snapshot from their website and please read carefully what are they saying:

I was curious to see the websites which are listed on their website (because for me was clear that the scammer used keywords to promote his other websites)... so let`s see what we have in the source code of the same website:

... well, this is really funny, because as you can see above, he wrote in his website that he do not recommend anyone to hire those websites (but all those websites were registered by him self).

Take a closer look to the following domains, they were all registered almost at the same date. Please access and you can check by yourself.

Creation Date: 2007-07-28

Creation Date: 2007-07-28

Creation Date: 2007-09-26

Creation Date: 2007-09-26
Creation Date: 2007-07-28

14. –  SCAM WEBSITE at the date when this blog was posted, the website design was identical with another website named “”
Creation Date: 2007-07-28

15. www.Rayahari.orgSCAM WEBSITE
Creation Date: 2007-07-28 
16.! At the date when I published this article, the website has a link to – so in this way I have just discovered that “” is also registered by the person with nickname "William Stanley" and of course both websites including is a SCAM WEBSITE
Creation Date: 2007-09-26 

17 WEBSITE - name of the registration “Topselas Muen”
Creation Date: 2007-09-26

Below is a snapshot taken at 2010 – Sep – 15 from the scam website

I found this very interesting because the person who registered (where from the snapshot was taken) also registered yourhackerz, Slickhackers and also and HireToHack !!!
He has made a list of scam websites, but this is very interesting because we know that behind of all these websites is him (do a search on for confirmation)
If you will do a Google search you will not find anything about  Al Hooda.
Also nothing hacking websites conducted by any Nigerian person...
Let`s continue the list of the domains which are registered by the same person as above.

18 www.activehacker.comSCAM WEBSITE
Expiration Date: 2013-07-28
Creation Date: 2007-07-28

19. www.activehackers.comSCAM WEBSITE
Creation Date: 2007-07-28

Creation Date: 2007-07-28

21. www.activehackers.netSCAM WEBSITE
Creation Date: 2007-07-28

22. www.activehacker.infoSCAM WEBSITE
Creation Date: 2007-07-28 09:59:24

23. www.activehackers.infoSCAM WEBSITE
Creation Date: 2007-07-28 09:59:39

24. www.activehacker.usSCAM WEBSITE
Creation Date: 2007-09-26 05:03:23

25. www.activehackers.usSCAM WEBSITE
Creation Date: 2007-09-26 05:03:29

26. www.activehacker.orgSCAM WEBSITE
Creation Date: 2007-07-28 09:59:28

27. www.activehackers.orgSCAM WEBSITE
Creation Date: 2007-07-28 09:59:43

28. www.activehacker.bizSCAM WEBSITE
Creation Date: 2007-07-28 09:59:15

29. www.activehacker.bizSCAM WEBSITE
Creation Date: 2007-07-28 09:59:31

30. WEBSITE owned by William Stanley – it is a clone website of the old MilanoRosa design, the content is always changing but it is good to know that belongs to the same man alias “William Stanley” and the graphical interface of the website was stolen.
Creation Date: 2008-06-15

31. - is a SCAM WEBSITE - registered by “William Stanley” who is known as a scammer.
Creation Date: 2009-10-12

32.!!! It is a clone page of the genuine It is clearly visible that the main goal of this website is to confuse people. Moreover, this website has the same design as the genuine one. You must be very careful  because the genuine website is
Creation Date: 2009-10-14
This website was registered by guess who?? Yes, the same man with nickname William Stanley (Rob Russo)

33. – this is a clone page and a SCAM WEBSITE who placed in the dark the genuine - not sure if the genuine group is still active because I sent them a an email to their gmail address but they never sent me a reply.
Creation Date: 2009-10-17
Why I say that is the genuine one? Just simple search on google and you will see ads  for submited by megahackerz two years before the scammer registered the name in 2009 ! Simple as that.

Unfortunately, another genuine service is trying to be placed in the dark by scammers as you can see below:

34.!!! it is a copy website of the genuine chinese group named The scammer registered this name CRACKPALS which looks identical with the genuine one, so in this way he is able to scam the people in behalf of CrackPaL. So avoid to deal with a clone page which is - this is a SCAM WEBSITE
Creation Date: 2009-10-12

35. - SCAM WEBSITE conducted by the same person "William Stanley"
Creation Date: 2008-06-15

36. - SCAM WEBSITE  looks very attractive, but you should think once again if you intend to use their services. The man who registered this website is still "William Stanley" (or Rob Russo), who knows what other names does he uses ?
Creation Date: 2010-12-03

At the date when this new post was added, they have changed the website design with "poisonivy group website".

Creation Date: 2007-09-28

Currently it is working only the order page for - a scamming website

38. - this was a website which sold an useless "hacking" tool - SCAM WEBSITE
Creation Date: 2009-04-10

39. - SCAM WEBSITE and as confirmation that this website belong to , at a careful examination of you will see links to so it is clear that belong to the same person and it can not be genuine.
Creation Date: 2007-12-24

Creation Date: 2009-05-24

It was easy to find that it is an affiliation to because the website contain links to

41. - SCAM WEBSITE it claims to sell a software to hack passwords (but it is not a software, it is just a mini-browser and looks like an aplication software program... when  this website is down, the software is not working).
I don`t know how much trust can you have in someone who is desperate to make dirty money and sell everything just to take the money from you.
Creation Date: 2009-10-07

The person who needs $600 or $1000 for nothing is :
First Name - Gyan
Last Name - Prakash
Country - India

Other people where charged by this person:
First Name - Rani
Last Name  - Tripathi
Country - India

This is the link that they send to confirm your payment:

42. - SCAM WEBSITE - this is a very interesting website, where at the date when this comment was posted, "our friend" has made a list with genuine and scam hackers.
Below is a snapshot of his website taken at 2011-08-10 (click on it to enlarge)

At a closer look at his "list" we will have the list below:
I edited the photo with a line on his "genuine" to avoid confusion, because everything listed below are scam websites.

If you have read this whole page , you know that all above websites belongs to him. Our friend has shoot himself in his feet because he write about himself that he is a SCAMMER. By looking at his list, I just found another website registered by "our friend" which is the number 43 as foolows

43.  - SCAM WEBSITE.  This is a CLONE and a FAKE WEBSITE of the genuine "". Once again this sic person registered a domain that looks almost as the genuine one and he stolen the graphical interface. Avoid to use this website because as you can see above, he also tell about himself that the website is a owned by a SCAMMER person !
Creation Date: 2009-10-17

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I`m sure that he will not stop here but I will post all of them here as soon as I found the next one.

The name of registrant may be changed anytime so currently if you check each domain on it may not appear registered by"William Stanley" or "Rob Russo".

However all these websites belong to a single person and unfortunately the person is a scammer, so avoid to deal with any of the above websites if you want to not get ripped off.

Their preferred payment method is WesternUnion and in case if you are using PayPal, he will tell you that he need time for verification but in reality he will withdraw the money than you wasted your money even if you have used PayPal.

It is not difficult to create another UNVERIFIED PayPal account